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General Services
Sexual Abuse/Assault Counseling
Sexual Concerns
Trauma and PTSD
Panic and Anxiety
Adjustment Disorders
Personal Self Discovery
Life Changes
Dissociative Disorders

I offer individual counseling as well as family support sessions to enhance the efficacy of treatment of individual clients. Below are just a handful of the topics for which people commonly seek counseling with my practice. Remember that your worries and struggles are unique, so if you don't see yourself in the below list, don't count therapy out just yet. If it bothers you, it's worth talking about.

Situational Stressors
Body Image
Identity Confusion
Career or Educational Goal Uncertainty
Low Self-Esteem
Poor Study Skills
Feeling Out of Place
Sleep Issues
Parenting Issues
Trust Issues

Thanks to the Kentucky Wesleyan College's Health Services Department, KWC students can attend counseling with me free of charge.  I am available to meet in my office with students by appointment; just give me a call, as no referral is needed!  

If a student prefers to have a counselor meet him or her on campus, they may contact me or my group practice, Garrard-Howell Therapeutic Partners, LLC, at 270-228-0340 to be connected with one of our therapists who holds sessions on location.

KWC Counseling Partnership
Referral Services
On occasion, I may conclude that psychological testing or evaluation for medication management would enhance a client's results in counseling.  When appropriate, I am happy to offer clients referrals for these services with trusted professionals in the Owenboro area.

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