Ivory Howell, LPCC

Serving as a person’s therapist is humbling and an honor.

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, my chosen profession pushes me to constantly evolve and grow right alongside my clients.  Life experience, both personal and professional, has proven as valuable in my practice as the formal education I received from Kentucky Wesleyan College as an undergrad and Western Kentucky University where I earned a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  During my time at New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services, I developed an expertise in the treatment of trauma-related disorders such as post-traumatic stress, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression.  In 2009, I began working in private practice to expand my client reach and eventually grew my professional proficiencies to include mentoring and empowering other therapists to develop and cultivate their own counseling practices.

Firmly rooted in evidenced-based counseling methods, namely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I believe that within the human mind lies the power to transform and transcend emotional struggles; the key is understanding what process speaks to your psyche.  You may simply need a safe place to lead your own healing expedition- I will be your passenger.  You may seek concrete skills to overcome emotional difficulties and situational concerns- I will be your teacher.  Maybe you thirst for a deeper, soul-level healing process that will impact all aspects of your existence- I will be your guide.  Each of you is exactly who you are supposed to be at the core.   I will find ways to help you clear the brush to uncover your true self- the version of you who knows mental wellness and peace.

Referral Line : 270.698.9777